Needle mesotherapy

Needle mesotherapy


Needle mesotherapy is a procedure based on intradermal administration of active substances in specific areas of the face / body to improve its condition and proper nutrition / hydration.

Depending on the indications, we use various preparations adapter to our needs.

Mesotherapy preparations have a very different composition – starting from hyaluronic acid, stabilized or non-stabilized, through numerous vitamins, amino acids, minerals, up to biomimetic peptides.

The basic effects caused by mesotherapy are the moisturizing of the skin, restoring its radiance, improving its tension and firming. In addition, the treatment strongly stimulates the natural regenerative processes occurring in the skin, thanks to which the effect of rejuvenation and revitalization takes longer than the presence of the introduced substances.

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The procedure is performer after prior anaesthesia of the skin with the use of anaesthetic cream. A lot of punctures within the skin area are performed during the procedure. During each prick, microdeposits of active substances are left in the skin. The punctures usually do not cause pain – they are done with a very small, thin and short needle.

After the procedure the skin may be slightly swollen and small hematomas may appear in the puncture spots. These symptoms disappear within a few days.

This procedure is usually performed in a series of 2-4 treatments at intervals of 2-4 weeks, depending on the indication and type of product being administered.


Indications for procedure

– dry and tired skin,
– wrinkles and skin folds,
– flaccidity and loss of skin firmness,
– bags and dark circles under the eyes,
– cellulitis,
– stretch marks,
– excessive hair loss and alopecia.

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