Labia majora augmentation and modeling with hyaluronic acid/fat

Labia majora augmentation


With age, there is a natural loss of firmness and density of the skin. The subcutaneous fat tissue disappears, the myofascial system changes, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases and the collagen and elastin fibres degrade. These changes affect the skin of the entire body surface, including the intimate areas.

The labia majora are a mechanical barrier that closes the entrance to the vagina. Labia atrophy favours the irritation of the area, discomfort and recurrent infections of the intimate areas. It can also cause pain and pruritus.

Some women, apart from the aforementioned ailments, decide to perform the procedure for purely aesthetic reasons – they care about the attractive appearance of the intimate areas and the equalization of possible asymmetry.

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The treatment consists in the application of hyaluronic acid within the labia majora. The application is made by means of a catheter. The treatment is virtually painless. The spot of insertion of the catheter is first anaesthetized with lignocaine.

The intimate area should be shaved before the treatment.

After the procedure, the labia may be slightly painful and swollen, but these symptoms usually disappear within 1-2 days.


Indications for procedure

– atrophy of the labia majora,
– recurrent irritation of the intimate areas, injuries, infections, pruritus pains associated with atrophy of the labia,
– labia asymmetry,
– purely aesthetic reasons – the desire to change the appearance of the intimate surroundings,
– flabby and dry skin of the labia and clitoris.

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