Genital area skin revitalisation – platelet rich plasma

Genital area skin revitalisation


The plasma effect is based on the high concentration of platelets that release numerous growth factors at the site of administration. These factors are activated and lead to a very intense tissue regeneration reaction.

Effects of treatment:
– skin condition improvement – it regains its young, healthy look,
– the skin becomes more tense, firm, nourished and moisturized,
– the skin tone is evened out,
– scars after crotch  incision revitalisation/reduction.

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The treatment can be divided into three basic stages – obtaining material, centrifuging and administering the obtained platelet suspension.

At the beginning of the procedure, blood is collected from the Patient’s vein to a specially prepared tube. The tube is placed in a centrifuge and it is centrifuged under appropriate conditions (tube placement, spin speed, centrifugation time). After this treatment, the blood is divided into fractions – platelets with blood platelets and growth factors and other blood components, which are a biological “waste” and should not be given together with precious plasma. Plasma is collected into sterile, disposable syringes and then administered in the form of mesotherapy into the treatment area.

The procedure is usually performed in a series of 3-6 procedures at an interval of 3-4 weeks. The process of skin remodelling starts already 3 days after the plasma has been administered, and its first effects can be observed already after a few days.


Indications for procedure

The Regeneris cell therapy is recommended primarily for women who:
– want to rejuvenate the intimate areas, improve their attractiveness,
– want to reduce the symptoms associated with the aging of the skin and mucous membranes of this area,
– suffer from unpleasant symptoms such as pain, pruritus, recurrent infections and irritations of the intimate areas,
– want to help the regeneration of intimate parts after surgical procedures and infections.

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