Chemical peelings

Chemoexfoliation, or chemical peeling, is a procedure used to improve specific cutaneous conditions through the controlled stratum corneum removal. The aim of this procedure is altering the appearance of the skin through the regeneration of new epidermis.
Chemoexfoliation, compared to physical or mechanical exfoliation, has evident advantages such as:
• VERSATILITY: use of organic acids of various natures for the treatment of different cutaneous problems.
• INDEPENDENCE OF THE TECHNICAL EXPERTISE OF THE DOCTOR: contrary to mechanical or physical peelings (such as laser, micro and dermobrasion) chemoexfoliation does not depend totally on the technical expertise of whom
executes the procedure.
• POSSIBILITY OF INTEGRATION WITH AUXILIARY SUBSTANCES: “medicated” chemical peelings contain active ingredients that are able to synergize the activity of
different acids.

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Enerpeel peelings

Every problem has a solution, but we must choose the right one: it is possible to reduce the surface trauma and simultaneously to achieve a more efficient chemoexfoliation.
The ENERPEEL Technology made it possible to reduce surface trauma rendering simultaneously more efficient the renewal of the epidermis and the remodelling of the dermis.
The chemoexfoliation can act at different levels of the skin structure:
• VERY SUPERFICIAL: affects the stratum corneum.
• SUPERFICIAL: affects the vital portion of the epidermis.
• MEDIUM: affects the top layer of the dermis.
• DEEP: affects the reticular portion of the dermis.

ENERPEEL peelings:
Higher efficacy with less skin irritation,
Very efficient renewal of the epidermis
Controlled, deep penetration through the skin barrier,
• Very high level of safety,
Innovative and patent protected technology,,
Packaging to keep the device sterile right up until use.

We use mandelic, pyruvate, TCA and Enerpeel Hands peelings.


Indications for procedure

signs of skin aging – wrinkles, loss of skin firmness, flaccidity,
refreshing, brightening, smoothing and oxygenation of the skin, reduction of fine wrinkles,
face, neck, cleavage, backs of hands skin rejuvenation,
improvement of skin tension and elasticity,
– hyperpigmentation and acne scars,
– prevention of skin aging.
– scars and stretch marks,

– hiperpigmentation – sun damage, inflammation, hormonal disorders,
– extended pores,
– dermatological diseases – rosacea, keratosis pilaris,
– dry skin.

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