Cellulite – mesotherapy

Cellulite - mesotherapy


Cellulite are unsightly looking changes resembling an orange peel. There are visible corrugations and inequalities within the skin. Within the subcutaneous tissue, unevenly distributed oedema fluid, uneven distribution of adipose tissue and fibrosis can cause urticaria. The entire clinical picture is accompanied by disturbances of the subcutaneous tissue’s blood supply and disturbances of its metabolism.

In the case of cellulite, a special needle mesotherapy with RRS Cellutrix preparation can be used for this purpose.

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The procedure is performed after prior anaesthesia of the skin with the use of anaesthetic cream. During the procedure, punctures are made within the skin at intervals of 2-3 cm. During each puncture, microdeposits of the preparation are left in the skin. The punctures do not usually cause pain – they are done with a very small, thin and short needle.

After the procedure, the skin may be slightly swollen and small hematomas may appear in the puncture sites. These symptoms disappear within a few days.

The procedure us usually performed in a series of 4-6 treatments at interval of 7 days. The recommended number of such series is 1-3 depending on the severity of the problem and individual response to therapy.



– cellulite reduction,
– firming the skin covered by cellulite,
– bio-revitalization of the skin and improvement of its quality,
– lipolytic effect in relation to local fat tissue accumulation – local fat corrector.

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