Mezobotoks (baby botox)

Baby botox


Baby botox (or meso-botox, botox-lift) is a modern and very specific approach to treatments using botulinum toxin. The essence of the treatment involves the administration of very small portions of botulinum toxin in the form of mesotherapy. The toxin administered this way does not affect the muscles, therefore it does not cause them to be temporarily paralysed, but acts on the nerve endings present in the skin. This allows for a very natural correction effect with fully preserved facial expressions. It is also an excellent method for preventing skin aging.

This procedure is a combination of two methods – the removal of wrinkles with the help of botulinum toxin with the bio-revitalization of the skin, which is provided by the needle mesotherapy. Due to the very small portions of the toxin in a single injection, the treatment can be carried out on a large area of the skin, which allows for uniform skin smoothing.

As a result of the treatment, the tension and firmness of the skin improves, wrinkles are smoothed, erythema is reduced. All this makes the skin regain a younger, healthy, radiant and fresh look.

Baby botox is a perfect solution for people who use abundant facial expressions on a daily basis.

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The treatment is preceded by anaesthesia of the skin surface with anaesthetic cream. The botulinum toxin is dissolved and appropriately diluted to achieve the desired concentration. Microinjections are performed at intervals of about 1cm, the preparation is given per lump.

After the procedure, small hematomas and local swelling may appear on the skin. Small clots are visible at the application sites, which are absorbed within several dozen minutes to several hours.

The first effects of the treatment are visible after a few days. The full effect appears approximately two weeks after the injection and lasts for 3 to 6 months. The treatment can be repeated at the earliest after 3 months.


Indications for procedure

flaccidity and loss of skin elasticity,
wrinkles under the eyes, on the neck and neckline,
tired and dry skin,
mature skin covered with fine wrinkles,
– erythrema on the face.

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