Discover the intelligent technology using the fourth state of aggregation - PLASMA!


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The skin around the eyes changes over the years. It loses its natural elasticity and flexibility. Once beautiful, natural eyes become smaller with age, the skin around them gets darker and more wrinkled. The bruises under the eyes, the drooping eyelids are clear evidence not only of sleepless nights or overwork, but the first noticeable evidence of skin aging. Our gaze no longer arouses such delight as it used to.

Although we will not stop time, we have a smart solution to restore the attractiveness of the faze, youthful appearance and self-confidence.

Discover the intelligent technology using the fourth state of aggregation - PLASMA!

  • it is a simple and safe device for performing a non-invasive eyelid lift, allowing you to achieve the effect already during the first treatment
  • the device uses micro-beams of plasma,
  • it works only within the epidermis without damage to the skin and the need to exclude yourself from daily activities
  • it allows you to get rid of the first signs of aging, rejuvenate the appearance and gaze
  • it is used in the eyelid correction in both women and men!



The treatment is::
Non-invasive – recommended for people who do not want to have a surgery (blepharoplasty),
Precise – a micro-beam of plasma only affects the epidermis area without damaging the skin,
Offers immediate effect – effects visible after the first treatment
Safe – safe for people with pacemakers and other patients who are contraindicated in current procedures
Comfortable – does not require being excluded from daily activities


- reduction of wrinkles over the upper lip, "Smoker's lines"
- improvement of flaccid skin around the elbows and knees
- treatment of flaccid skin on the abdomen, eg after pregnancy
- adjuvant acne treatment and acne scar removal
- removal of warts and other skin lesions (yellow tufts, fibromas)
- treatment of stretch marks and scars
- removal od cherry hemangiomas.

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