Stretch marks – mesotherapy

Stretch marks - mesotherapy


Stretch marks most often occur in the skin of the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms. They most often appear in people who have gained weight in a short time, but also pregnancy, genetic factors, drugs (steroids) play a huge role. Stretch marks arise as a result of excessive stretching of the skin, which can cause the collagen and elastin fibre network to tear. Stretch marks are often a serious aesthetic effect and may lead to weakening of self-esteem or considerable discomfort in situations where one should undress (e.g. beach, swimming pool).

In the case of stretch marks, a special needle mesotherapy with RRS Strimatrix preparation can be used for this purpose.

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The procedure is performed after prior anaesthesia of the skin with the use of anaesthetic cream. During the procedure, punctures are made within the skin at intervals of 2-3 cm. During each puncture, microdeposits of the preparation are left in the skin. The punctures do not usually cause pain – they are done with a very small, thin and short needle.

After the procedure, the skin may be slightly swollen and small hematomas may appear in the puncture sites. These symptoms disappear within a few days.

The procedure us usually performed in a series of 4-6 treatments at interval of 7 days. The recommended number of such series is 1-3 depending on the severity of the problem and individual response to therapy.



– stretch mark reduction,
– skin firming and nourishing,
– reduction of skin laxity,
– bio-revitalization of the skin and improvement of its quality,
– skin remodelling and activation of regeneration processes.

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