Lifting without a scalpel – SonoQueen (HIFU)

Lifting without a scalpel


SonoQueen is a truly royal rejuvenating touch, closed in the form of a quick, comfortable face and body treatment. The process of remodelling and lifting takes place inside your skin, thanks to which you immediately return to your daily activities, and leave the rest of work on your young appearance to your skin. SonoQueen is a new era of obtaining the effect of multidimensional, permanent tension and smoothing of the skin, both of the face and the body.

HIFU is focused ultrasound energy that reaches the deep layers of the skin, causing controlled micro-damages without leaving any traces on its surface. The energy emitted stimulates a deep reconstruction of internal structures, achieving skin tension and elevation, providing a spectacular and lasting lifting effect.

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The SonoQueen procedure is painless. In some cases, there may be a delicate, localized feeling of warmth. In most cases, patients assess the procedure as a comfortable one, which is why SonoQueen is referred to as “queen of facelift”.

The method is based on the point, very precise use of the concentrated high frequency ultrasonic wave. The device is equipped with a set of heads that allow you to optimally focus the impulses at a specific depth – on the face, at a depth of 2, 3 and 4,5 mm and up to 6 mm in the case of treatments within the body. The use of different heads within one area causes the beam to reach three layers of tissue – to the dermis, subcutaneous adipose tissue and muscle fascia, initiating the process of tissue constriction, collagenogenesis and regeneration of flabby collagen fibres. Each of these effects consists in multidimensional firming of the treatment area.

The procedure is very delicate, and the special head that allows for extremely precise operation makes SonoQueen also ideal in the fight against wrinkles in the sensitive area of the mouth and eyes.

The full effect of SonoQueen appears within 3-4 months after the procedure, but the vast majority of Patients see positive changes immediately after the procedure.


Indications for procedure

Application of SonoQueen:

  • Facelift and body firming,
  • Tension of delicate skin around the eyes,
  • Firming the skin around the shoulders, reduction of the sagging shoulders,
  • Lifting the flaccid skin on the abdomen, abdomen modelling,
  • Modelling, lifting and firming the buttocks,
  • Smoothing the skin around the thighs and knees, modelling excessively visible body fat of this area,
  • Reduction of the so-called “second chin”,
  • Illumination of the the skin
  • Smoothing of the wrinkles,
  • Slowing down the aging process of the skin.

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