Lip modelling and augmentation

Lip modelling and augmentation


Proportional, shapely, symmetrical and well moisturized lips are one of the attributes of human attractiveness. Sensual lips give us confidence, make us feel more attractive and younger.

Enlarging and modelling the lips is currently one of the most frequently performed treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine. Some women and men are born with naturally small lips or lip asymmetry. On the other hand, with age, there are a number of changes within the mouth – the lips become narrower, lose their glow, their hydration decreases and they become more flaccid, the corners of the lips fall, and small vertical wrinkles appear around the lips. Filling the lips allows you to get the perfect shape and volume of the lips and their rejuvenation.

This treatment can be performer at any age, both in women and in men.

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Modelling and enlarging the lips are treatments based on the injection of hyaluronic acid. The treatment is preceded by anaesthesia in the form of an anaesthetic cream. It is also possible to perform dental anaesthesia, which completely eliminates the sensation of pain within the mouth.

During the procedure, the acid is administered into the contour of the moth and into the lip. After the administration of the acid, a mouth massage is performed to evenly distribute the administered preparation. Immediately after the procedure the lips may be swollen, slightly painful and red. Small hematomas may appear within the mouth. These symptoms usually disappear within a few days after the procedure.



Treatments include:
– adding volume to the lips and making them firmer,
– restore the shape and natural colour of lips,
– lip assymetry correction,
– deeply hydration of the lips,
– lip corner lifting,
– modeling of the philtrum and Cupid’s bow,
– elimination of disproportion between the size of the upper and lower lip,
– wrinkles around the mouth reduction.

The dominant effect of the treatment depends on the patient’s expectations.

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