LipoLife 3G Laser Liposuction

LipoLife 3G Laser Liposuction


LipoLife streamlines the surgical process by offering a complete, all-in-one solution covering all stages of liposuction, skin tightening and fat grafting procedures. It is the first integrated solution of its kind combining multiple modalities in a compact, portable and neatly organized system.
Simultaneous lasing and suctioning simplifies the procedure and significantly reduces treatment time, thermal energy and a unique radial emission fiber allows for effective, homogenous skin tightening, and the collection of high vitality fat permits successful, immediate fat grafting.

On-the-Spot Fat Grafting- with High Fat Viability

Autologous fat transfer for soft tissue contouring has become increasingly popular in recent years. The immediate availability of the patient’s own fat, its natural integration into host tissues and its permanent correction potential makes it a highly instrumental application. LipoLife achieves a fat vitality rate of greater than 95%. The procedure is quick and convenient with a fully equipped kit, allowing you to easily restore patient tissue volume. With LipoLife’s unique lasing technology, fat cells gently undergo lysis to a semi-liquid state, generating two distinct phases: a significant adipose phase with highly viable, small uniform fat cells and a negligible blood phase, with no oil phase present as with mechanical liposuction. The preservation of fat cells with high vitality combined with a filtering mesh allows for quality fat grafting and successful autologous fat injection,  with longer term results.


In addition to achieving effective lipolysis, the thermal energy generated by the 1470 nm diode laser contracts existing collagen and elastin fibers and stimulates the formation of new collagen for firmer, tighter-looking skin. This is particularly important for delicate areas such as the face and neck as well as for areas of cellulite. In effect, LipoLife targets cellulite precisely at its source within the underlying structural tissue. Laser energy is directed beneath the skin, separating the skin from adipose tissue, effectively breaking up pockets of cellulite and restructuring the skin for a smoother appearance.


All areas of the body can be effectively treated withLipoLife. These include areas that are not easily
accessible using conventional liposuction such as the chin, face and neck as well as larger areas with extensive fat deposits. In addition, LipoLife simplifies specialized treatments such as fibrous gynecomastia.

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