Fractional CO2 laser

Fractional CO2 laser


The fractional scanner used in the laser allows for quick ablation procedures to remove micro-nutrients of damaged tissue, resulting in a deep thermal effect with a minimal ablation zone at the laser’s site.

Classic non-ablative fractionation treatments leave thousands of micro-damages in the skin, with hot residues of dead tissue. The secreting excess heat stays in the skin causing unnecessary pain and discomfort, and significantly prolonging recovery time. The Flaming FRAX ablative laser fractionation scanner immediately removes hot tissue residues from the skin, reducing pain and accelerating the final effect through stimulation, in tissue destruction zones, production of growth substances. After the procedure, with the help of the Flaming Frax fractionating scanner, micro-damages close and heal much faster than in the case of classic, non-ablative fractionation lasers.

– scars and stretch marks reduction/removal,
– photorejuvenation – reduction of the classic triad of symptoms: fine wrinkles, fine discolorations and widened skin pores on the face, neck, neckline, hands,
– skin smoothing and rejuvenating,
– reduction of wrinkles,
– improving skin density by activating the production of collagen type III (fractional skin resurfacing),
– reduction of hypertrophic scars (eg after surgical procedures, injuries, burns).

As a result of the procedure, we get an effect comparable to that obtained after doing a deep chemical peeling, but with significantly shorter healing time.

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The treatment is preceded by anaesthesia with the use of aesthetic cream. After anaesthesia, the appropriate parameters of the procedure are set and proceed to the correct part of the procedure. The CO2 laser beam is led to thermal micro-damages reaching the depth of about 1-2mm in the form of columns.

The procedure is usually performed in a series of – 3-5 treatments at intervals of approximately 4 weeks.



– increased tension, elasticity and firmness of the skin,
– scars and stretch marks reduction,
– fine lines reduction,
– reduction of skin discolorations,
– skin tone alignment,
– vascular lesions and erythema reduction,
– epidermal keratoses reduction,
– general skin condition improvement.

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