Excessive sweating treatment (botox)

Excessive sweating


Excessive sweating is a state of too much sweat in a given area. When the sweat glands secrete over 50 mg of sweat per minute we are talking about hyperhidrosis. In this case, it becomes an aesthetic problem – people struggling with this problem feel discomfort, have a problem with maintaining personal hygiene, often have to change underwear and clothes. The problem becomes even more troublesome if sweating is accompanied by an unpleasant odour.

The problem of excessive perspiration concerns the most places on the body rich in sweat glands – armpits, hands, feet and forehead.

In the treatment of symptoms of hyperhidrosis, botulinum toxin works perfectly. Botox does not work on the cause, but blocks the excessive activity of the sweat glands by affecting the nerves that regulate the secretion of sweat.

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The treatment should be preceded by the Minora test – it allows to determine the areas with the highest sweat production and to monitor the effects after the procedure. The tests consists of smearing the skin with iodine and then sprinkling it with starch. The spots with the highest density of sweat glands turn into a violet-brown colour – these places must be definitely injected during the procedure.

The treatment is preceded by local anaesthesia in the form of anaesthetic cream. In the treatment area, intradermal injections are made from a suitable diluted botulinum toxin – 1 injection per 1 cm2.


Treatment plan

Due to the chronic nature, it is recommended to perform the treatment regularly at intervals of 6-9 months depending on the individual response to the administration of the toxin and the severity of the problem.

The full effect of the treatment appears within 10-14 days, but a significant reduction in the secretion of sweat can already be seen after a few days.

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