Botox – gummy smile

Gummy smile


The gummy smile is a condition in which gums are exposed too much when smiling. Under standard conditions, when smiling, the gums are not exposed, but they are visible up to 3 mm. We regard each case above 3 mm as a disorder of this harmony. In this case, the smile looks exaggerated, unnatural, and the teeth optically seem to be smaller.

If such a state bothers or embarrasses someone, lowers the sense of value or makes someone unwilling to smile, it can be changed and the distorted proportion of teeth-gums can be recreated!

How can this be corrected?

Nasza Oferta



The treatment using botulinum toxin takes about 5-10 minutes. A small dose of botox is administered in the area of the flares of the nostrils.

The full effect of the treatment appears after about 10-14 days. For about 6 months after this procedure, while smiling, the upper lip does not rise as much as it has before.


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