Botox – Bruxism (teeth grinding)

Bruxism (teeth grinding)


Bruxism is a teeth grinding associated with excessive tension of masseter muscles! It develops most often on the background of stress and malocclusion. It often has a genetic basis. The disease is not only unpleasant for co-inmates, but also quite burdensome for the patient himself.

Excessive activity of the masseter muscles is conducive to problems with teeth and malocclusion (the teeth wear off, the enamel breaks, cavities appear in the teeth, the gums recede); it causes headaches, jaw and neck pains; it can lead to problems with biting and chewing food. Chronic bruxism leads to a change in the shape of the face, making it more square and sharp.

What’s worse, patients often do not realize the above, because grinding is a subconscious process.

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The treatment with the use of botulinum toxin takes about 10-15 minutes. It consists in administering the preparation in precisely defined portions to the masseter muscles, on both sides of the face.


Treatment plan

Due to the chronic nature, it is recommended to plan several treatments with an interval of about 5-6 months. Chronic weakening of the strength of masseter muscles may lead to their weakening and thus reduce the risk of recurrence of the disease after treatment. The average duration of such therapy is about 24 months.

A dental consultation and the possible installation of special teeth pads for the night is recommended.

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